Deadline for TT Revenue Authority extended once again

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Deadline for TT Revenue Authority extended once again

The deadline for the implementation of the long-touted Trinidad and Tobago Revenue Authority (TTRA) has once again been extended

The revelation was made by state attorneys on Tuesday, in correspondence sent to the Court of Appeal in relation to a pending appeal from the Public Services Association (PSA), over the dismissal of its lawsuit regarding the move to replace the Customs and Excise Division (CED) and the Inland Revenue Division (IRD) with the TTRA. 

State attorney Svetlana Dass, on behalf of the Chief State Solicitor, announced that Finance Minister Colm Imbert had decided to extend the deadline, which was initially set as August before being deferred to December 1, to March 1. 

Dass stated that the decision, which was made for “operational reasons”, would be formalised in an official order to be issued today. 

The decision means that the PSA would no longer have to pursue an interim injunction pending the determination of the appeal. 

In the lawsuit, the PSA, through its member and customs officer Terrisa Dhoray, is challenging the constitutional validity of the T&T Revenue Act 2021. 

She contended that certain segments of the legislation are unconstitutional as they seek to interfere with the terms and conditions of employment of public servants currently assigned to the CED and IRD. 

She also claimed that the Government did not have the power to delegate its tax revenue collection duties.