Cunupia businessman survives multiple gunshots

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Cunupia businessman survives multiple gunshots

The 21-year-old owner of a tyre shop in Cunupia was shot seven times during an attack outside his business place on Sunday.

Shyam Balla, owner of S&R Tyre Shop, on Jerningham Railway Road, Cunupia, was opening the front passenger door of a white pickup van, parked in front of his establishment around 7am, when two men in a white Toyota Axio stopped in front of the shop.

As Balla searched for something in the vehicle, one of the men, dressed in police apparel, exited the vehicle, briskly walked up to Balla and began firing.

Balla reportedly lowered his body to shield himself from the bullets but the gunman kept shooting.

Balla was hit multiple times but managed to crawl under the tray of the van and called out for help. His shooter then escaped.

The victim was taken to the Chaguanas Health Facility.

Police are continuing with their investigations.