Barge capsizes at Paria facility; investigation launched

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Barge capsizes at Paria facility; investigation launched

Rickos Enterprises Limited has launched an investigation, after an unoccupied barge capsized offshore at the Paria Fuel Trading Co Ltd’s facility in Pointe-a-Pierre on Saturday.

In a statement on Monday, Paria’s managing director Ronald Seunarine said Rickos is contracted by Paria to do “topside” offshore maintenance work at Pointe-a-Pierre.

He said the company was doing maintenance work on one of the offshore moorings known as “Dolphins”.

Seunarine added that the barge, Saleem 1, which was used to assist in that work was idle, unoccupied and moored nearby.

The water was choppy and the Rickos supervisor on site gave instructions to move the crane boom to a safe, non-operational position on the barge. While the boom was being swung, the barge began to list and eventually capsized.

The company immediately activated its emergency response plan.

Seunarine said no one was injured.