Baby Umar Ali has been found!

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Baby Umar Ali has been found!

Umar Ali, 2, was found by a team of officers attached to the Eastern Division.

Members of Hunters Search and Rescue Team were also on the hunt for Ali.

Ali was found in a bushy area off Barker Trace in Sangre Grande.

Officers of the Sangre Grande Police Station and the Anti-kidnapping Unit led by ASP Ramdass.

Ali’s father reportedly fled by jumping over a big drain.

Umar was found in a hammock inside a makeshift camp unharmed.

Ali was kidnapped from his mother’s home by his father who broke into the premises and subsequently threatened to kill himself.

Umar, who was last seen by relatives on May 23rd at their Quash Trace, Sangre Grande home, was reported missing to their local police on the same day.

UMAR was last seen wearing a navy blue long pants and jersey.