Apple Working On iMac Redesign and Half-Sized Mac Pro


Apple Working On iMac Redesign and Half-Sized Mac Pro

Apple was always recognized as one of the most reliable computer manufacturers of all. Many of those who have had a Mac in their hands have had good feelings in fact they have repeated. The truth is that it is for power, design or performance, the brand is one of the most sought after in electronics stores and will now have reinforcements in the computer area with the arrival of two new MacBook Pro and an iMac.

Apple has plans for this 2021 to have great news. Each launch of a device is important for bringing more improvements than the previous one and, sometimes, more compatibility with the rest of the ecosystem of the firm. But today it’s time to take a look at Apple’s roadmap for computers. According to what Bloomberg has, great news will come to MacBooks related to one of the top features of the iPhone 12.

To begin with, we have to take a look at what is inside the device. The processor is one of the parts where the bitten apple has paid attention and we will most likely see a 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro with a processor from the house. Currently the M1 is the first chip from Cupertino, which has given joy to more than one and will continue to do so with more power than ever.

Another interesting point, already on the chassis of the device, is a surprise and is the possible disappearance of the Touch Bar. What seemed like a great novelty a few years ago has been found to be an unhelpful improvement. Hence the company, in reaction to fan requests, has decided to eliminate it in some way.

However, the news does not end here, and it is that everything indicates that the MacBook Pro itself will have a MagSafe function with your iPhone 12. Come on, it will be like another charging base.

The arrival of a new iMac is also on the Apple roadmap, as well as a redesigned MacBook Air that we will see this year. In relation to the first device, everything points to a new version to replace the 25 and 27-inch models. These will bring the latest in house processors, so that the bitten apple would finally be able to put its own chip in the entire present and future range of computers.