All Government Agencies On Alert

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All Government Agencies On Alert

All Government Agencies are on alert through the coordination of the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government, as well as through RDLG’s Disaster Management Units to all 14 Municipal Corporations.

RDLG coordinated with ODPM, WASA, T&TEC, Trinidad and Tobago Defense Force, Trinidad and Tobago Municipal Police Service, National Quarries Company Limited and SWMCOL.

In a media release on Wednesday, the RDLG said it is deeply concerned by reports of protests and evidence of wilful sabotage by the cutting of trees which are staged to fall on cables and lines.

It says these wilful criminal actions are resulting in unwarranted flooding and delays in the delivery of relief for affected communities.

Persons are asked to contact their relevant DMU for “See Something, Say Something”, to prevent further a risk to life and property.

The TTPS and the Municipal Police are actively on patrol and are fully deployed.

Reports of flash flooding in areas have been received and the relevant bodies have been deployed to address accordingly.

Take note that tide is currently raising as high tide is at 4:45pm, this will result in delayed run off of flash floods.

The public is asked to exercise extreme precaution on roadways and avoid torrential flood waters if they occur.

Sandbags are available for collection through the DMUs of all 14 Corporations.