60 hikers held in Lopinot after residents called the police

60 hikers held in Lopinot after residents called the police

Just over 60 individuals were held and later let off with a warning by members of the Arouca Police Station this morning in Lopinot.

IzzSo Media spoke to a resident of Lopinot who said members of the community contacted the police after several vehicles were seeing the individuals making their way up the hill.

Upon reaching the Lopinot Tourist community Centre, residents phoned the Police as individuals from Fusion Adventure were seen making their way to begin a 12km race.

One resident who spoke with the organizers of the hike said not all members were supposed to be enrolled today; he said it was a lack of communication, which caused the 60 individuals to attend at the same time.

The police were contacted as Fusion Adventure were in breach of the Public Health Regulations.


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    Winston 2 months

    Fusion is a different activity to hiking…so get that right…fusion is more of a race than a hike….though some hikers take part in fusion races.
    Your incorrect news arcticle puts a negative light on hiking clubs which have adhered to the Covid restrictions.
    Kindly correct you news release

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      Melissa Stanisclaus 2 months

      Good evening the wording Fusion Hikers was used based on the information received from persons who were at the site when the incident took place – however Fusion Adventure sent an official release with their name Fusion Adventure.

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