Varma: Urgent need for more psychologists at schools

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Varma: Urgent need for more psychologists at schools

Psychiatrist and Former Independent Senator Dr Varma Deyalsingh says that there is an urgent need for more Psychologists at schools.

He said the explosion of violence in schools is very concerning and something has to be done to treat with the steady increase.

He told News Power Now this morning that efforts must be made to deal with the root causes of violence in students now before it is too late.

He explained that there are many reasons for violence in young ones.

He said that Psychologists and Behavioral Therapists can come aboard via Student Support Services with a recommendation from the school principals.

He said oft times there is a need to help the child to deal with issues that may be happening in their environment or even to remove them from harmful situations at home.

Dr Deyalsingh however, maintained that the chronic shortage of staff at the Student Support Services continues to present a challenge.

He explained that because psychologists require time to treat with a troubled student staff shortages could be debilitating.