Travis Scott reaches settlement in first Astroworld lawsuit

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Travis Scott reaches settlement in first Astroworld lawsuit

The family of Astroworld victim Axel Acosta has reportedly taken an out-of-court settlement to end the legal case brought against rapper Travis Scott, Live Nation, and others. The victim’s family reached a settlement for an undisclosed sum of money. This would be the first settlement to come from the ongoing lawsuits against the rapper, festival organizer Live Nation, and others.

Scott, Live Nation, and other defendants are being sued by the families of the ten victims who were killed after a violent crowd surge last November. Hundreds of other victims who were also injured have joined a class action lawsuit being brought by attorney Ben Crump and others.

According to the post-mortem report of the victims killed, they all died from compression asphyxia because of the tight space they were packed in. The victims could not breathe or move their arms, and medical experts say the air from their lungs was squeezed out, causing oxygen depletion to critical organs like the heart and brain.

Acosta’s settlement is the first one known among the victims. The attorney for his family, Tony Buzbee, confirmed to the celebrity news site that a settlement was reached after the family initially sued Scott, Live Nation, and other defendants.

Acosta, who resided in Washington, D.C, was 21 years old at the time of his death and was visiting Houston.

In the meantime, Buzbee did not share details of the settlement but noted that the young man was a “beloved son, brother and student” and that his family wanted him to be remembered as “kind and loving” and “greatly missed.”

As the news of the settlement traveled on Thursday afternoon, a representative of Scott denied that he was involved in the settlement. “No member of Travis Scott’s team has been involved in any Astroworld settlement discussions,” TMZ quoted a member of his camp.

The site also reported that it was Live Nation that settled with Acosta’s family. It’s unclear if Acosta’s family will continue to pursue a claim against Scott.