Teacher’s Sex Videos Earned Her 1Million on Onlyfans


Teacher’s Sex Videos Earned Her 1Million on Onlyfans

Romi Chase, a previous teacher who was once advised to “conceal” due to her uncontainable female bosom, has become a millionaire tycoon from peddling her sexual products on OnlyFans, Yahoo! News reports.

It required only a year and a half of OnlyFans endeavours for Romi Chase, who lives in Florida, to accomplish mogul status on the popular adult content platform.

The 28-year-old emigrated to the United States from Poland in 2017 afterlife in Central Europe became dull for the carefree English educator.

Presently a mogul because of OnlyFans, Romi Chase from the outset experienced difficulty earning enough to pay the rent in her received country.

Romi claims she couldn’t get teaching opportunities in the US and fell into glamour and boudoir modeling when her work permit was granted in 2019

Though in Poland her shapely figure was unpopular, Chase discovered a business opportunity for her monstrous bosoms in the U.S.

“I couldn’t embrace [my body] back home because the beauty standards there are strict – blonde, blue eyes, long legs and no hips or you’re not very attractive,” Rom Chase as of late disclosed to Jam Press as she commended turning into a mogul on account of OnlyFans.

“Furthermore, being a larger size young lady in Poland and accepting your sexuality resembles a transgression, shouldn’t.”

The Daily Star reports that having accomplished a definitive vengeance of turning into a tycoon through OnlyFans, Romi Chase reviewed the insult of being a voluptuous angel in Poland: “It’s like: ‘you’re fat, so cover up’.”