Sudan Needs $150 Million to Tackle Tigray Refugee Crisis


Sudan Needs $150 Million to Tackle Tigray Refugee Crisis

Some $150 million is needed to tackle the refugee crisis in Sudan, the UN Refugee Agency boss said Saturday. Tens of thousands of Ethiopians have fled from the embattled northern Tigray region to seek refuge in Sudan.

Filipo Grandi, who said this during a visit to the camp, appealed for donor support.

”Five hundred people per day, this is what we got in the last few days. Five, six hundred refugees coming into the country per day. In rich countries, this would bring governments down. Here, the government of Sudan has kept the border open. UNHCR, the UN and humanitarian community need about 150 million dollars for the next six months to help the government of Sudan manages this refugee crisis”, he said.

The Tigray conflict broke out on November 4 between Ethiopia’s federal forces and leaders of the region’s ruling party.

Sudan has since become a refugee for over 43,000 Ethiopian refugees fleeing from the intense fighting.

The East African nation is accommodating the mass refugee influx as it struggles with its own economic crisis. The country is also going through a fragile transition since the April 2019 ouster of long serving leader Omar al-Bashir, after unprecedented mass protests, triggered by economic hardship.