PM reacts to PDP fallout with a chuckle

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PM reacts to PDP fallout with a chuckle

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has made his first comment regarding the falling out between THA leader Farley Augustine and his Deputy, Watson Duke.

The duo fell out after Duke took to social media and blasted the THA administration for its treatment of folk performers who went to New York to promote the island and its culture.

The falling out has since led to Duke firing Augustine along with three other THA officials from their executive position in his Progressive Democratic Patriots party.

The party currently controls the THA and while Duke is party leader, he opted instead to be installed as a Deputy THA Chief Secretary with Augustine, his deputy political leader, appointed as Chief Secretary.

Speaking at a press conference this morning following his return from a European trip, he chuckled as he was asked his thoughts on the falling out.

Dr Rowley, whose PNM party was soundly beaten in the THA elections, suggested that his interest in the development was solely as Prime Minister of the country.

Dr Rowley had even less to say on another issue dominating the national landscape in recent days…recent revelations by the Chairman of the Commission of Enquiry into the Paria diving tragedy.

Attorney at law, Jerome Lynch KC last week claimed that the Commission has yet to be furnished with basic items needed to carry out its work such as pens, paper, scanners, printers and internet access.

Dr Rowley however refused to address the issue, suggesting instead that it was an administrative matter outside of his responsibility.