Man who attempted to assassinate Deputy Prisons Commissioner dies

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Man who attempted to assassinate Deputy Prisons Commissioner dies

Emmanuel Joseph, the man charged with attempting to murder a prison officer and a minor is dead.

Joseph of Santa Cruz, was reportedly being held at the Eastern Correctional Facility, when at around 9pm Friday night, he complained of chest pains and was taken for medical attention.

He died shortly after.

It is suspected that he may have suffered cardiac arrest but a forensic autopsy will be done to confirm the actual cause of death.

Joseph went into the prison with injuries sustained during the attempted assassination of the Deputy Prisons Commissioner, Sherwin Bruce.

The shooting happened at Sparrow Drive, Third Avenue Barataria just before 7 am on Wednesday 11 October.

During that incident, Bruce’s official prison driver, who was seated in the driver’s seat of an unmarked Prison SUV, was shot along with a female minor who was in the back seat.

Bruce, who was believed to be the intended target, was walking out of his home towards the vehicle when the gunmen opened fire. He fired back at them, hitting Joseph, who was later held at the hospital seeking medical treatment.

(photo courtesy Uncut News Media)