Jada’s body found out at sea

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Jada’s body found out at sea

The body of teenager Jada Nathalia Wilson has been found.

The news of the discovery was shared by the Hunters Search and Rescue Team, which was involved in the search for the young woman.

The team, led by Captain Captain Vallence Rambharat spotted what looked like a body floating off Maracas Bay at around 7.28a.m.

“Ag. Inspector Ronny Rampallard of the Trinidad and Tobago Air Support Unit, who was nearby was alerted and confirmed, utilising the Drone that the sighting was a body. The body was retrieved using a boat.”

Wilson was last seen in the waters of Tyrico Bay on Tuesday, when she went sea-bathing with a male friend.

The body was located about 300 metres from Tyrico Bay.