Garlin celebrates 43! Happy Birthday Viking

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Garlin celebrates 43! Happy Birthday Viking

Ian Alvarez, better known as Bunji Garlin, aka ‘the girls dem darlin’ aka the Viking of Soca, is celebrating his 43rd Birthday today.

Alvarez posted to his Instagram page this morning and shared the above pic of himself posing like a rock star in his all-black kit, leather jacket and hat.

He wrote:
I am eternally grateful to be able to see another birthday!

The Almighty God has allowed me to walk this earth 1, 357,084, 800 seconds, 22, 618, 080 minutes, 376,968 hours, 15, 707 days, 2243 weeks and 6 days.

4303.29% of a common year (365 days) and many of those were packed with mistakes I made in life but I would never trade this life for any other. I am blessed. No devil on any level will cease my God allowances.

Forgiveness and life is written for me on this day. It is ordered and declared. Thank you Lord for life and thank for love from my family and all around. @fayannlyons and Syri today is Cake and Ice cream day!!! Hahahaha 43.