Five robbery suspects arrested in Morvant

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Five robbery suspects arrested in Morvant

Five suspects are currently in police custody after they were arrested by North Eastern Division officers on Sunday, in connection with a reported Robbery incident in Northern Division. Police also seized three firearms and a quantity of ammunition during separate exercises.

During an exercise Sunday, officers acted on information and proceeded to Pitch Road, Morvant. There they arrested five men who fit the description of suspects who were involved in a recent Robbery in Northern Division.

The officers on receipt of further information, proceeded to Cipriani Street, Morvant, where they searched an open bushy area and found one Glock 48 Pistol fitted with one magazine containing a quantity of nine-millimetre ammunition, one Samsung cellphone and a bunch of keys.

Also, whilst conducting an anti-crime exercise in the Mango Rose area, Port of Spain Division officers received information and proceeded to the fourth floor at a building commonly called ‘Nine Storey’. When the officers arrived at the building, they searched the stairwell and the electrical panel, where they found a Smith and Wesson revolver, along with five rounds of .38 ammunition and two rounds of 7.62 calibre ammunition.

Meanwhile, officers of the South Western Division seized a firearm while conducting a surveillance exercise at Erin Beach yesterday. During the exercise, the officers observed a man with a bag across his chest, walking along the beach. This aroused their suspicion and they began approaching the man, who, upon seeing the officers, dropped the bag and ran east along the shoreline and then into the mangrove area. The officers pursued the man but he escaped. When WPC Vesprey searched the bag she found a Glock 17 pistol and 16 round of nine-millimeter ammunition.

Investigations are ongoing.