Car crashes into second floor of Pennsylvania home

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Car crashes into second floor of Pennsylvania home

A man drove his car into the second floor of a Pennsylvania home on Sunday in what officials say was an “intentional act”.

Charges are pending against the driver after police found a grey vehicle sticking out of the side of the house in the city of Lewistown.

Officials have not said how exactly the vehicle made its way to the second floor.

“The pictures speak for themselves,” a fire official told the BBC.

Anywhere from one to three people were inside the home at the time of the crash but were not injured, according to Sam Baumgardner, an administrator at the Junction Fire Company, which assisted in the response to the crash.

The driver was able to climb out onto the roof after the crash and was taken to the hospital with injuries, Mr Baumgardner said.

He added that the car likely hit the second floor because of a culvert – a tunnel that carries a stream under a road or railway – on the left side of the house.

The driver “went into the culvert and propelled into the air and landed on the second floor”, Mr Baumgardner said.

In a report, Lewistown police said they had determined through an investigation that the crash was “an intentional act”.

Officials added that the driver will face charges for the crash.

The fire department said it took about three hours to remove the car from the second floor.

“The crew that was on the rescue definitely had to think outside the box,” Mr Baumgardner said.

Rescue crews helped stabilise the house and put a tarp over the hole from the crash because of upcoming storms, the Junction Fire Company said in a post on Facebook.