Ziggy Rankin and DJ Lila unleash song to provoke thought

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Ziggy Rankin and DJ Lila unleash song to provoke thought

Ziggy Rankin has released a major collaboration cover for the 70’s single, “O-o-h Child.”
The track’s release on Friday in Trinidad and Tobago comes amid plans to execute a full campaign designed to shake up both parents and youths across the Caribbean and essentially, the world.

According to a release from ET-CET-ERA Buzz, Rankin chose his very own daughter for the project. She is popular female Caribbean DJ- DJ Lila, who is also known for her delivery of music within the growing Trinibad music sub-genre.

Together, the duo purposefully recorded the single, which was originally sung by Chicago soul family group the Five Stairsteps. “Because of the times we’re in, this song is really important. Everybody should be looking out for everybody,” said Ziggy. He went on to say, “Parents have to be there for their children- encouraging them more than ever right now because these children are facing something that most of us never experienced.”

The production for the cover single was done by well-known music producer and audio engineer, Parry Jack out of New York city. Admitting to the song’s lyrical power, Ziggy said “O-o-h Child” is an extension in song, of a family sticking together, and a father speaking to his daughter with words of encouragement and support. “We have to let our children know that although they may not be able to do the things they want to right now, this too shall pass. We have to let them know that if they keep God close to their hearts and pray, everything will work out,” he said. Jack explained that the song was recreated to deliver a Caribbean sound and energy. “It’s delivered from a fresh perspective. The whole beat is different. The way Ziggy sounds is different. I didn’t want to come in and do anything too close to the original. The only thing that I used from the original is the chord structure,” he said.

Less than a month away from her 18th birthday, Lila who collaborates with her father for the very first time, says it’s been a tough year for her. “School is really different. Online classes are hard to keep up with; I’m also a DJ and this pandemic has really slowed down my business as well,” she explained. Despite the obvious setbacks, she believes a song like this is important to spread some optimism to everyone who’s been challenged by lockdowns and restrictions. “People are really struggling but I want to encourage everyone to stay strong. God is in charge and everything happens for a reason,” she said. Highlighting that her flow in the single patterns the Trinibad style to some degree, Lila said she’s excited to play it at any event in the near future. “We really have to stay positive. This pandemic is just a minor setback for a major comeback,” said the teen.

The Caribbean cover version of “O-o-h Child,” by Ziggy Rankin and DJ Lila is now available for streaming on all streaming platforms for the world to enjoy.

Courtesy et-cet-era buzz