Zambian Woman Sues Her boyfriend For Not Proposing


Zambian Woman Sues Her boyfriend For Not Proposing

After spending years together, a lot of relationships reach the point when they have to take some different action. And if you have talked on wedding and beginning a family life in advance, you may even start forwarding ‘hints’ to your companion to get them to buck up.

However, one woman took a completely different decision and went on to take legal action against her beau.

The 26-year-old Gertrude Ngoma was in a love kinship with 28-year-old Herbert Salaliki. They were in a love relationship for eight years. However, the lover boy failed to complete his promise to tie the knot with Gertrude Ngoma.

Jealous and exhausted of waiting for Herbert Salaliki’s proposal, Gertrude Ngoma has taken him to law court in Zambia to claim he shape his plans for the coming time. Gertrude simply said that she felt Herbert Salaliki, with whom she had a kid, has just wasted her time.

As per Kenyan news site, Gertrude told the court of law that she feels that Herbert Salaliki is not serious regarding their affiliation. Herbert reportedly made the dowry payment however he has not yet made any proposal in form of her.

Gertrude stated, “He has never been serious. That is why I bought him to court because I deserve to know the way forward and our future.”

The cause behind the postponement, as per Herbert Salaliki, is that he does not have the financial security to make the payment of all the expenses of a marriage at the present time.

In his defense, Herbert Salaliki also claimed that Gertrude Ngoma has not been a loving sweetheart and accused Gertrude of not giving him the care he needs.