YouTube content creator turn Soca artiste hits the airwaves with “Don’t Let Go”

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YouTube content creator turn Soca artiste hits the airwaves with “Don’t Let Go”

In the peak of the Carnival season in Trinidad and Tobago, there’s word that one of the country’s promising, young artistes is rising to the occasion. Jeroam DesVignes is just 21-years-old; with a strong digital presence and increasing following, he is definitely one to watch.

The young entertainer’s first Soca single, “Don’t Let Go,” is a product of encouragement he received from a friend.

“My bredren encouraged me to do a soca track. He told me he believed I could add something special to the soca industry,” explained Jeroam. He said his friend persuaded him to look beyond the genres of dancehall and RnB, which he’d grown accustomed to delivering, and instead create a song that he felt, would add value to the soca space.

Despite a bit of initial hesitation, Jeroam took his friend’s advice and began seeking out the right riddim upon which he would begin building his new project. “I listened to a riddim that I came across online. I developed a melody to it and while doing that, the words came automatically to me,” he said. The young artist explained that in his experience, whenever something like that happens- when the words come as easily as they did for this song, the track is simply, meant to be.


Having started off in the creative space as a YouTube content creator, Jeroam’s following there, has proven beneficial to his music career. He recorded the soca track with well-known producer, First Klase and was lucky to get additional production assistance from Anson Pro who has been instrumental in Nailah Blackman’s career. “I really believe in my heart that this entire direction that I’ve taken isn’t by chance. I believe this was supposed to happen as it has,” said Jeroam. He has found it a bit strange how easily the stars have aligned, and how everything has so perfectly, fallen into place.

Ironically, Jeroam was first given the opportunity to increase his chances of becoming an artist when he met songwriter, Emmanuel Rudder quite by chance. “He was at my father’s business place and my father told him about my YouTube videos. He called me out and I played a few of them for him and in that moment, just like that, he agreed to take me under his wing and work with me.”

That initial meeting would lead to the creation of Jeroam’s first studio recording, a track called, ‘Miss Perfection’. “It was surreal for me. It happened so fast,” said the youth. He explained that this initial opportunity would lead to more writing and exposure. “The song was really good for a first song. People liked it and I realized that my music was appreciated because the song made people feel inspired,” he said. Now, a very conscious minded young man, Jeroam says he knows he has a responsibility when it comes to how he uses his gift.

An avid player in the digital space, Jeroam DesVignes says he will continue to utilize social media in delivering his music to global audiences. He says TikTok is an instrumental tool for creatives, insisting that it’s worth understanding. “Now Tik Tok is being considered in the accumulation of streams. All of this has enhanced the way the music of artistes is able to reach the people,” he said. This everyday pursuit of social media knowledge, coupled with his educational background in International Business, places this vibrant creative in perfect position to reap major rewards in the future. For now, he is hopeful that his Soca track, “Don’t Let Go,’ gets the attention it deserves, even in a season that’s filled with countless new songs.


Source: Etcetera The Company