YOUNG: People paid to cause disturbance in POS

YOUNG: People paid to cause disturbance in POS

Minister of National Security Stuart Young said persons are being paid to cause disturbances across Port-of-Spain.

At a press conference on Tuesday morning, he said he got news from the ground that money is being paid to people to disturb the peace.

He added that he knows who are the criminal elements involved in the disturbances and he will be addressing it.

He said people are also using the opportunity to shoot at police officers, as a projectile was found in a crowd.

Young said the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force (TTDF) will provide full support to TTPS in keeping law abiding citizens safe.

He said that he is publicly denouncing the criminal elements.

Young said he heard reports that disturbances occurred in POS, Laventille, Belmont, Beetham Gardens, Morvant and Cocorite.

He said that members of the public should not panic as he is working on having them enter and exit the capital city safely.

He gave the assurance that the police will do all that they can to keep law abiding citizens safe.

He said the police service, the defence force, the fire service and other officials are out in full force as they maintain the peace, and clear the roadways of any remaining debris.