Young- Bathing at beaches prohibited; Immigration Div. closed for upgrades

Young- Bathing at beaches prohibited; Immigration Div. closed for upgrades

National Security Minister Stuart Young said that two changes have been made to the latest Regulations, number 7, issued by the Ministry of Health.

He said unless a business is listed as essential, then it should remain closed and no workers should be allowed to enter the office.

He also confirmed that it is an “absolute prohibition” for persons to be bathing on beaches, rivers, streams and springs. He said the only persons who are allowed near to these facilities are person directly linked to them.

He also reminded the public of the five-limit gathering rule which applies to all businesses except those listed on the essential services list, such as banks and groceries. Minister Young expressed concern that persons were still gathering in groups of five, especially outside of the non-essential services.

These are prohibited until April 15, in the first instance.

Meanwhile, Minister Young announced that all immigration services will be suspended for one week. He said this was done for the Divisions to upgrade its services such as implementing facial recognition and biometric data services.

He said when the Divisions do reopen, they will implement passport renewals in alphabetical order so that persons will be batched according to the first letter in their names.

He confirmed that there will be some level of emergency passport renewals.

Young said the only way persons can prevent the spread of the virus is to, “Stay home, Stay safe, Save lives.”