Xperience was lit – partying in South Trinidad was pore raising

Xperience was lit – partying in South Trinidad was pore raising

Six hours of pure energy, excitement and that good ole’ fete feeling came to life at Xperience The Future.

Soca lovers entered the Brian Lara Cricket Academy carpark at 3am for a fete of a lifetime.

Patrons at the event were treated to an assortment of liquor and a food court deserving of a licking lips emoji 😋.  Before we even get to performances the food items consisted of Trinidad’s main staple for breakfast – doubles – which as usual saw a long line.

However nothing could beat the usual bake and salt fish and for those who prefer taking a chance on the wild side had waffles and chicken, tacos or quesadillas, pulled pork with hops, loaded hot dogs (cheese, tortillas chips, onion and chilli flakes) hoogie sandwiches, sada with aloo or baghi and the champion of all breakfast – Crix with tomato choka.


Cafe Moka cocktail


Strawberry Ice Cream

Fried bake with salt fish and sausage

Chicken and waffles




The likes of Preedy, Ravi B, Olatunji Yearwood, Voice, Teddyson John, Erphaan Alves, Bits, Nadia Batson and Kes The Band kept the crowd on their toes back to back, giving you that euphoric feeling to just raise your hands to the sky and say “Yes Lord, I’m alive and well.”

As the sun began to rise the energy levels at Xperience amplified.

The 2019 ‘beef’ between Machel and Iwer came to an end with their collaboration of ‘Conch Shell’ which also included Skinny Fabulous.


But the highlight of the morning was Bunji Garlin and Fay-Ann’s ‘dive’ into the crowd of eager flag crews just waiting for epic moment.

Never in Carnival history have we ever seen the Viking trust anyone with his life like this – Bunji dived into the sea of people and created mass hysteria at the Brian Lara Cricket Academy.


Closing the morning off was reigning International Soca Monarch Champion, Mr. Killa who left nothing to chance and gave his fans what they’ve been longing for – ‘rolly polly’ re-enactment on stage with a fan, ‘run wid it’ and YES he ran and belly dived into the crowd.


Check out the highlights from Saturday’s Xperience Fete –

Video shot and edited by Cornelius Hector