Wyclef Jean launches music publishing company for Africa and the Caribbean

Wyclef Jean

Former Fugees frontman and Grammy winner Wyclef Jean is putting his money where his mouth is. With US$25 million to start, Jean’s new music publishing company, Carnival World Music Group, is currently seeking submissions from the best new songwriters and producers in the Caribbean and Africa.

Following the example of major label founders and executives like Clive Davis, L.A. Reid and Russell Simmonds, Jean is taking his seat at the controls as a music executive. His focus will be to excavate regional talent for the originators’ benefit.

“The seat I’m choosing to sit in is next level. Now we’re entering an era where we are the new leaders. It’s important that all the young artistes understand, as we move forward, we all have to start thinking not about how we sing songs, but how do we contain the power in our hands,”