Wrong man killed at hospital, nurses fear gunmen’s return

Dejean Broker, the 25-year-old patient who was shot and killed on Ward 3 at the Port-of-Spain General Hospital on Tuesday night may have been a victim of mistaken identity.

Wrong Man: Dejean Broker

A source, who is the close relative of the intended target, said he told her that during the day on Tuesday, two men entered the ward and told him they were going to kill him. Her relative then ‘made a scene’ after receiving the news and the men left. Her relative, she said, has been receiving threats since last week after he was shot and warded at the Hospital.

Nursing and management staff have voiced their concerns for their safety, adding that they will not work on Ward 3 unless there are officers from the protective services present. The nurses have said that if the wrong person was shot, the gunmen may return to finish the job.

Hospital officials will meet with staff today to determine what measures can be put in place to ensure their safety. There will also be psychological counselling available to those who were on Ward 3 at the time, and witnessed the shooting.

Investigations are continuing into the death of Dejean Broker.

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The Port of Spain General Hospital has been secured by the Police Service, which is also at this time actively investigating the circumstances surrounding a shooting incident, which occurred at the Port of Spain General Hospital around 8:45 pm tonight, Tuesday, November 26th.

25 year-old Dejean Broker, of Hill View Laventille, was warded at the hospital, nursing stab wounds he received from an incident which occurred on Monday, 25th November, in St. James.

Police have been informed that two men dressed as a hospital workers entered the ward and shot the deceased.

TTPS wishes to advise that there will be a continued police presence at the hospital for the next few days.

Investigations remain very active.