Would you date someone who only had $200?

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Would you date someone who only had $200?

A young man took a young lady on a date but only had $200TT which he said would be used for the date inclusive of transport.

While he was eager to know more about his date, things did not work out too well, as the female companion was not pleased with him just having $200 for the date.

He said she played two fun games, received a toy, had lunch and a drink but wanted more out of the date, which he said he could not afford.

This video sparked a huge debate nationwide – posing the question to whether or not some women demand unreasonable things while dating, and or men ought to know the level at which they set bars while dating and the type of women they choose to date.

What is your take on the issue, is money the deal breaker or you can grow and gain more with someone if they’re genuine on the first date?