World War II bomb detonated in the U.K

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World War II bomb detonated in the U.K

Video footage surfaced of an explosion that occurred after a bomb from World War II was discovered in an England town this past Friday (February 10).

The Norfolk police in England gave insight into the explosion via Twitter, saying, “The unexploded bomb in #GreatYarmouth detonated earlier during work to disarm it.

“Our drone captured the moment. We can confirm that no one was injured. Public safety has been at the heart of our decision-making all the way through this operation, which we know has been lengthy.”

According to the police, the detonation of the Great Yarmouth bomb was “unplanned,” and the bomb was discovered by a British contractor on February 7.

The cordons, at 200m (656ft) and 400m (1,312ft) from the bomb, were lifted on Friday evening.

Most roads have been reopened and residents have been allowed to return to their homes.