Works Minister says speed limit change was not arbitrarily done

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Works Minister says speed limit change was not arbitrarily done

Works and Transport Minister, Rohan Sinanan, has assured that the recent changes to the speed limit on some major roadways was not done arbitrarily.

In fact, he maintains that one of the reasons for the modifications was engineering changes to the roadway.

On Monday, 10 June, 2024, the speed limit was updated along certain major roadways, intersections and ramps, with an adjustment to 65 kilometres per hour for parts of Lady Young Road, Morvant, and Western Main Road, from Mucurapo to the intersection of Western Main Road and Westland Avenue.

There were also alterations to 30 km per hour in a number of areas, especially around Curepe and Valsayn.

In an Express interview, Sinanan said: ‘These changes were not done arbitrarily but after the ministry did proper surveys, studies and we ensured that the roads are safe. The speed is actually calculated by the design of the road and we ensure that one of the first things is safety. All speed limits are reviewed from time to time.’

He added that in a lot of the areas where the roads were at 50 km per hour, ‘it really was a different road…much narrower road. A lot of engineering would have gone into the road network’.

The Minister said what was also taken into consideration when the ministry did its studies and surveys was the speed that motorists usually drove at along the road, ‘and if it shows close to 85% of the people are driving at a certain speed along a certain piece along that roadway, that is also taken into consideration’.