Woman stabbed and wounded by common-law husband

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Woman stabbed and wounded by common-law husband

A 45-year-old man is now in police custody after he stabbed and wounded his 35-year-old common-law wife at their home in Arima on Saturday.

Around 8.30 am, the woman was at their Arima home with her three minor children and her common-law-husband, when an argument broke out between them.

Reports state that the man shouted “If I cyah have yuh then nobody else cyah have yuh”, as he dealt her several stab wounds about the head, neck, shoulder and arms.

The suspect then inflicted a few wounds onto himself before running away.

The victim was taken to the Arima Health Facility where she was treated and warded in a stable condition.

Officers from the Arima CID visited the scene and later arrested the suspect, who was in need of medical attention.