Woman ‘Returns’ from Covid-19 Death After Hospital Mixup

Woman ‘Returns’ from Covid-19 Death After Hospital Mixup

Alba Maruri, a 74 year old Ecuadorian woman who was pronounced dead from Covid-19 suddenly woke up in the hospital, to the delight and relief of relatives who had identified someone else’s body as hers and had it cremated.

On March 27th, a local hospital told the family of Alba Maruri, a resident of the city of Guayaquil, that she had died.

According to a local report cited by BBC, the family was shown a corpse in the hospital morgue but was not allowed to approach the body for fear that they would become infected.

The body was later cremated and the ashes sent to the family.

However, on Thursday, after a three week coma, Maruri awoke, surprising doctors after telling them her name and asking to call her sister to pick her up.

The doctors went to my aunt’s house to corroborate and inform them of the mistake,” said another nephew, Juan Carlos Ramirez. “They still do not know whose ashes they have in their house,” he added.

The sister told news outlets that hospital officials visited her on Friday and told her that her sister was well and about to be released. “It is a miracle. For nearly a month, we thought she was dead. And I have someone else’s ashes,” said Aura.

The family is asking authorities for compensation to reimburse them for the cost of the cremation. Maruri has also been bought a new mattress, as her family had thrown her old one away after she had been presumed dead.