Woman Rapes 17-year-old Boy at Birthday Party


Woman Rapes 17-year-old Boy at Birthday Party

In an awkward turn of events, a Florida woman is accused of having crashed a children’s birthday gathering before purportedly assaulting a 17-year-old child — before another child, authorities said.

On Wednesday, Jessica Rae Good, 43, was arrested after the youngster told a staff member at his secondary school that he was sexually assaulted throughout the end of the week at a home in Port Charlotte after a birthday party.

Ms. Good had been out drinking with a companion prior to storming the party for another teenager on May 9th when her companion headed to sleep, authorities confirmed.

‘After returning home intoxicated, Good continued to ‘hang out’ with the juveniles while allegedly making extremely inappropriate sexual comments and providing the 17-year-old victim with alcohol,’ sheriff authorities said in an articulation.

A 12-year-old girl who also attended the party told officials that she was sleeping on a bean pack in the home when she was awoken by hints of two people having sex.

The young lady, who was only a foot away from Ms. Good and the 17-year-old, said the teenage boy murmured to her to help him, as indicated by a capture report acquired by the Port Charlotte Sun.

The child later told agents that Good constrained herself on him after he nodded off, asserting he couldn’t push the lady off him because of her size, the capture report states. Great is recorded at 250 pounds in prison records.

At a certain point, the young man got up to utilize the restroom, where he vomited, the 12-year-old girl told appointees. The pair kept engaging in sexual relations and Ms. Good at that point got her things before at last leaving the home.

Ms. Good told agents she had ‘blacked out’ and professed to not recollect the vast majority of the unlawful sexual contact as per a capture testimony.

It’s unlawful in Florida for an adult to have intercourse with a minor, regardless of whether the action is consensual, sheriff authorities said.

Ms. Good, of Punta Gorda, was accused of two counts of child abuse and two counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor. She was delivered from the Charlotte County Jail, Monday subsequent to posting a $150,000 bond, prison records show.

Court records show Ms. Good has no criminal history in Charlotte County, the Port Charlotte Sun revealed. She’s expected to be summoned on June 21.