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Woman jumps out car to escape sexual attack by PH driver

Valencia police are searching for the PH driver of a white Nissan B14, who attempted to kidnap and sexually assault a 27-year-old woman on Wednesday morning.

The woman told police that she got into the white Nissan B14 around 12:30am and asked to be taken to the home of a friend on Benny Road, Valencia.

The driver, however, drove past the woman’s stop and immediately locked the doors.

She told police that he began making sexual remarks about her body and grabbed at her chest.

The man continued driving along the Valencia Old Road and the woman said she fought with the man, forcing the car to swerve.

She then jumped out, but was pursued by the driver, who tried to knock her down with his car.

The woman eventually escaped by running into bushes near the Valencia River.

She called the police and Valencia CID found her standing near Tapana Road.