Woman jailed after hiring husband’s killer through bogus rent-a-hitman site

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Woman jailed after hiring husband’s killer through bogus rent-a-hitman site

A Michigan woman has been sentenced to a minimum of 108 months after she tried to have her ex-husband murdered through a bogus hitman for hire website which was created as part of a class project.

Wendy Wein was held by undercover officers after she contacted the owners of the bogus website “Rent-A-Hitman.com” enquiring about their services.

The owners of the fake website then contacted the contacted Michigan State Police when they received her message.

Now to be fair to Wendy…the site, to the eye of the untrained idiot, does seem to be legit as it claims to have been providing solutions for issues since 1920.

It offers “free consultations” and makes it a point to show how much the site respects users’ privacy, even featuring a note about the nonexistent “Hitman Information Privacy & Protection Act of 1964”.

There’s also customer testimonials about how effective the service is.

Bob Innes, of California, started the website as a class project in 2005.

He didn’t do anything with the site until he revisited it several years later and saw people were actually reaching out for hitmen.

Innes started responding to inquiries asking people if they still needed the services and if they wanted to meet with a field operative.

The website claims that Rent-A-Hitman has almost 18 thousand field operatives in the U.S. who can “find a solution that’s right for you!”

If someone said yes, he passes their information on to law enforcement to handle the “situation”.

Wendy’s “situation” will see her spend a minimum of 108 months in prison as part of her plea agreement.