Wild monkey rescued from rooftop of Foreign Affairs building

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Wild monkey rescued from rooftop of Foreign Affairs building

Staff at the Emperor Valley Zoo have captured a wild monkey from the rooftop of the Ministry of Foreign and Caricom Affairs Building in St Clair.

The monkey was seen scaling the wall of the Foreign Affairs building before settling on the top of the building’s roof.
Zookeepers had to use food to lure the animal down.

It was thought initially that the monkey escaped from the zoo but zoo officials said all of its animals were accounted for, which meant that someone deliberately set the animal loose.

Zoo curator Nirmal Bipath said they are used to people dropping off their exotic unwanted pets, especially after there has been an increase in fines for people illegally owning monkeys and sometimes people have been releasing them all over the country.

The monkey, which has been identified as a white-fronted capuchin, was released outside of the entrance of the zoo last night was also said to have terrorised some visitors to Chancellor Hill earlier.

Biptah said the monkey had been captured and was now at the Emperor Valley Zoo.

Biptah said if anyone has an issue with any wild animal they can call the zoo’s hotline at 800-4ZOO.