Wife arrested on suspicion of poisoning her husband with ‘Draino’

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Wife arrested on suspicion of poisoning her husband with ‘Draino’

A California dermatologist who was arrested on suspicion of poisoning her husband was allegedly caught in the act after her partner set up a nanny cam in the couple’s kitchen of their $2.7million home.

Footage allegedly shows Yue ‘Emily’ Yu, 45, putting Drano – a brand of drain cleaner – into her husband Jack Chen’s hot lemonade on multiple occasions.

Chen, a radiologist, told police he had become sick and suffered serious injuries before handing them the video evidence he says proves his claim.

‘When Emily gets frustrated and yells at the children, she’ll commonly use a Chinese phrase that translates to “go die”,’ Chen wrote in a court statement as he sought a restraining order against his wife.

‘She also says to the children, “your head has a problem,” “your head is sick,” “go f**k yourself,” “f***ing idiot,” “stupid a**hole,” and “get the f**k out of my way,’ Chen wrote.

Yu was arrested on Thursday around 6 p.m. outside her dermatology office located in Mission Viejo, approximately 15 miles away from the couple’s home in Irvine, Calif., Lt. Bill Bingham told DailyMail.com.

Bingham said Chen called the Irvine Police Department earlier in the day on Thursday and shared with them that he was ‘being poisoned by his wife’ and said he had ‘video evidence to share.’