WHO to Investigate Coronavirus Origins in China

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WHO to Investigate Coronavirus Origins in China

An international team from the World Health Organization (WHO) will travel to China in January to investigate the Kovid-19 virus, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced on Wednesday.

“I can confirm that this will be in January,” the AFP news agency reported. WHO spokesman Haddin Helderson told AFP about the reports that a team of experts, including epidemiologists and animal health experts, would finally travel to China next month.

Due to the suspicion of scientists and medical experts in Wuhan, China, there has been a global call for an investigation into the origin of the virus as the apathy caused by the coronavirus disease has claimed millions of lives and affected the economy.

The coronavirus first emerged in December 2019 in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, before spreading throughout China, and before launching a global pandemic.

China has denied allegations of a virus outbreak in its central city for nearly a year. Recently, a top German biologist quoted Chinese state media as saying that the Quran virus did not originate in Wuhan, calling it “pure propaganda” and saying there was no evidence that the virus was central Chinese. Did not come from the city.

China has denied that it deliberately withheld information about the outbreak in January or earlier.

Within a year of the coronavirus epidemic, China has effectively controlled the effects of Covid-19 on its borders, including efficient lockdown and contract detection measures, and mass testing of the virus for each small outbreak. Has been.

At the same time, despite worldwide criticism, Beijing is trying to change its virulence theory and shift the blame. Many theories are discussed – Native Indian subcontinent, India and Bangladesh or Saudi Arabia’s army, Italy, US and US military, or imported frozen packaged food.

In August this year, the head of the agency and director-general of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreisus, said an “international team” would be deployed to the city of Wuhan, where the epidemic is believed to have erupted late last year. Tedros said the “terms of reference” had been drawn up by WHO and China, but did not elaborate.