WHO Points to Resurgence of Cases in Europe

WHO Points to Resurgence of Cases in Europe

n a virtual press conference from Copenhagen, the WHO regional director for Europe, Hans Kluge, pointed out that in the rest of the world, the pandemic “continues to accelerate” to record numbers, indicating that last Sunday there was the largest number new cases: 183,000.

Last week, “Europe saw an increase in weekly cases for the first time in months”, and in the countries of the region, about 20,000 new and 700 deaths continue to be reported each day, although the region has “an ever smaller proportion global cases.

“Thirty countries have seen increases in new cases accumulated over the past two weeks. In 11 of them, the accelerated transmission of the new coronavirus has led to a very significant resurgence that, if not tackled, will push healthcare systems to the limit once again, ”he said.

The new outbreaks in countries like Spain, Poland, Germany or Israel focus on “schools, coal mines and food production environments”.

With regard to new cases in meat production factories, as happened in Germany, the WHO is investigating whether the outbreaks are due to low temperatures that facilitate the spread of the virus or the lack of conditions for physical distance between workers.