WHO Grants Emergency Use Approval for Pfizer COVID-19


WHO Grants Emergency Use Approval for Pfizer COVID-19

This is a very positive step towards ensuring universal access to anti-HIV vaccinesCovid-19 “, stated the director responsible for access to medicines of the WHO, MariangelaSimao, in a statement released today by the organization.

This procedure, which WHO can use in the event of a health emergency, allows countries that do not have the means to quickly and on their own determine the efficacy and safety of a drug, to have quick access to therapy.

The procedure also allows the Unicef, organ gives HIM-HER-IT responsible for an important part of the logistics of distribution of anti-vaccinesCovid worldwide, and the Pan American Health Organization can purchase the vaccine for distribution in poor countries, the statement said.

“An even greater effort is needed to be able to have enough vaccine doses to meet the needs of priority populations around the world,” he added. Mariangela Simon.

The Pfizer-BioNTech it has been administered for several weeks in the UK, but also in the European Union, the United States and Switzerland, for example.

Several million people have already been inoculated with this drug, with an estimated effectiveness of 95%, but requiring temperatures ultra-low – in the order of -80 degrees centigrade -, which makes its distribution and storage very difficult.

A pandemic of covid-19 caused at least 1,806,072 deaths resulting from more than 82.6 million cases of infection around the world, according to a report made by the French agency AFP.

The disease is transmitted by a new coronavirus detected not end of December of 2019, em Wuhan, a city in central ChinaE