Who gave the $22 million back to DSS? Gary to investigate


Who gave the $22 million back to DSS? Gary to investigate

Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, has launched a widespread investigation at the highest level to determine who decided to return more than $22 million in cash, which was seized from a house at Kathleen Warner Drive, Phase I, La Horquetta, on Monday.

This follows reports that the COP was about to launch an investigation into the funds that stemmed from an alleged sou sou.

The money was seized by officers of the Special Operations Response Team (SORT) who executed a search warrant at a house where it was alleged that persons were operating a Pyramid Scheme.

The money was kept at a police station.

Commissioner Griffith said preliminary investigations show that the money was handed back to the operator of the Scheme this morning without his knowledge and those of his Deputy Commissioners.

The CoP finds it very suspicious that $22 million in cash was seized and within hours, that money was checked and a decision made to give it back without the input of the Financial Intelligence Bureau (FIB) of the TTPS.

Investigators completed the count of the money at 12.30 am on Wednesday.

He said the investigation would determine if any criminal or disciplinary action is to be taken against any police officers.

Commissioner Griffith said the money was handed back without a proper investigation to determine whether any of it was counterfeit.

He said no proper investigation was done as to the source of these funds, or whether the person or persons involved had committed any criminal acts.

As part of this investigation, the CoP said external forensic personnel will be brought in to determine if any of the money was counterfeit.

CoP Griffith said he is aware that there is a concern that a number of persons invested their hard-earned money, hoping to cash in on this alleged Pyramid Scheme.

He gave the assurance that once these persons can prove that their money was legitimate, the TTPS will ensure that their money is returned to them in the shortest possible time.

Diligent inquiries are being pursued at this time.