When strangers become family the bond lasts forever

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When strangers become family the bond lasts forever

WPC Katina Williams did not just care for a grieving father on the day he discovered his daughter’s body, she embraced an entire family and promised to always be there.

WPC Williams was highlighted on Facebook by Andrea Bharatt’s family after a weekend visit.

One family member posted the photos and caption, “a family was formed out of this entire situation, here she is in her free time spending quality time with Daddy Randolph Bharatt.”

“A sweetheart of a woman, isn’t she beautiful cheered up everyone.”

WPC Katina Williams, of the Arima Criminal Investigations Department, said the moment there was the possibility that the body found in Aripo could be that of Andrea, she made up her mind to help her father, Randolph Bharatt.

Williams told the press “I made up my mind to help him up, to prepare myself physically, to hold him up and to hug him because at the end of the day we are all human beings despite my professional role.”