”When do Indian Lives Matter” –  ‘Elections and race 2020’ edition

”When do Indian Lives Matter” – ‘Elections and race 2020’ edition

“I find it deeply disturbing that some choose to select the crisis in the united states to somehow accuse Indians of racism here in Trinidad and Tobago,” this according to Pundit Satyanand Maharaj.

In light of what’s his happening around the world and more so in the United States, Pundit Maharaj sought to simplify the many years of slavery and the current ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement by asking when do ‘Indian Lives Matter.’

Maharaj in a media released issued this morning said “despite the continuous and unrelenting systematic but sophisticated racism by a Afro-dominated PNM Government that has discriminated against the Indian community since independence somehow a disempowered Indian is racist.”

He went on to say that “only recently the seller’s of doubles dominated by mainly Indians were discriminated against.”

This based on common knowledge and a statement by the Prime Minister, Dr. Rowley was not the case.

Maharaj in his continued rant said “the mainly Indian dominated bar owners still suffer.”

“The 1% enjoy a parasitic relationship with the ruling Government as per the opening of KFC with apparent advance notice. The distribution of HDC housing to others as if Indians don’t also require accommodation. The fact that the HDC housing projects are strategically located in constituencies to ensure the perpetuation of the Afro-political hegemony is not seen as racist.”

Pundit Maharaj decided to add that Indian groups fight for equality when they are neglected and given bare minimum for cultural events, and for agricultural purposes. He is of the belief that “African Americans constitute only 13% of the population but they enjoy more freedoms and benefits than the 43% Indian population in Trinidad and Tobago.”

“The issues facing the black community don’t animate them into action but it is the Indian family.”

President Satya Anand Ashram in Aranguez said “of the insecurity and ethic jealousy stem from the fact that for most culture and identity began with 1962 independent and carnival, while Indians carry with them thousands of years of civilization. The Indian therefore had to be vilified for not being able to suffer cultural amnesia.”

Is Trinidad still a divided island where Indo-Trinis and Afro-Trinis are forced to fight in the race arena and during an election year?

Do you support this narrative?


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    ShakaFromJamaica 1 month

    That bredda rude eh? “Indian civilisation has lasted thousands of years”, so African civilisation started in 1962?
    Black people in the US enjoy privileges? That’s why they protesting? It’s a privilege to be murdered or disappeared by American white supremacists, now?! This fellow, Pundit Satyanand Maharaj, is a real joker!
    HE is the real racist and he needs to stop polluting the discourse with his racist diatribes.

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