WhatsApp is Losing Millions of Users to Rival Messaging Apps


WhatsApp is Losing Millions of Users to Rival Messaging Apps

The WhatsApp messaging app lost millions of users after announcing changes to the terms of use that were eventually postponed.

Earlier this year, WhatsApp warned that it would share metadata for commercial purposes with Facebook, the company that owns this messaging application, in order to modify the privacy policy.

This announcement led millions of people to start installing other messaging applications, such as Signal and Telegram.

The departure of millions of users scared WhatsApp, which decided to postpone the implementation of the new terms of use, scheduled to take effect on January 8, and also to create a campaign to clarify all the changes that would be made.

In the first three weeks of January, the Signal application gained about 7.5 million users worldwide and Telegram more than 25 million, said the newspaper The Guardian.

One of those responsible for WhatsApp in Europe explained that the company believes that the disappearance of users is due to changes in the terms of use. Niamh Sweeney, quoted by the English newspaper, said the update was intended to clarify and provide greater transparency about the company’s existing policies.

“There are no changes to the metadata we share with Facebook,” he admitted. “We want to make it clear that updating the policy does not affect the privacy of your messages with friends or family,” guaranteed the application. “