What ‘the entanglement’ is happening with JA Health Minister’s love life

What ‘the entanglement’ is happening with JA Health Minister’s love life

Jamaica’s minister of health and wellness, Dr Christopher Tufton, went on the offensive on Thursday evening when he bluntly told a reporter who asked if he cheated on his wife that it was “none of your business”.

According to the Jamaica Gleaner, Dr. Tufton said “I would prefer you would stick to questions around the operations of the ministry, and just as I leave you to your private life, I would like you to allow me mine.”

Following Tufton’s scathing retort, there was dead silence, at least for a few seconds, as Permanent Secretary Dunstan Bryan mouthed “Oh, my God!” before the digital press conference to update the country on COVID-19-related matters continued.

Allegations of the goodly doctor’s entanglements have been a hit on social-media platforms.

During the press briefing, The Gleaner’s reporter asked Tufton if he had a close affiliation with any of the directors of Market Me.

Tufton responded by saying “Yes, I have a great relationship with Market Me. I think they are an amazing company. They have delivered very effectively during my tenure as minister”.

Tufton, in a statement issued hours earlier, had said that in recent days, there had been a “flood of vile, filthy, and scandalous allegations and innuendos on social media aimed at besmirching and tainting my good name and reputation.