20 bodies found- “We’re desperate, please let us stay” Venezuelan migrants

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20 bodies found- “We’re desperate, please let us stay” Venezuelan migrants

“Living in Venezuela is a nightmare’ that’s why we risk our lives to come to Trinidad”, so said Maria, a Venezuelan migrant who spoke to IzzSo media. She said there is no food, medicine, clean water, jobs and no electricity for thousands.

She said hundreds risk their lives in small boats to take the dangerous trip across the gulf because they have nothing left in their homeland. She begged Trinidadians to have a heart snd accept them.

She said it’s the third time this has happened.

She was translated by Jose because her English is very bad. She said her family was among those who recently drowned over the weekend because one boat of 15 people tried to transfer to another boat during the trip and the second boat became overloaded with about 30 people. The second boat also ran out of fuel mid trip and that’s how persons drowned, she said.
She said so many bodies have not been found.

Venezuelan authorities have reportedly arrested the owner of the boat that was transporting Venezuelans to Trinidad which sank and resulted in multiple deaths, including children.

Reuters reported yesterday that as many as 20 bodies have now been recovered. Venezuela’s Chief Prosecutor ‘Tarek Saab’ wrote on Twitter that 56-year-old Luis Martinez the boat operator has been arrested and the case assigned to prosecutors specialising in human trafficking.