Watson Duke: “The PNM has hijacked democracy in Tobago and forced a ‘Child King’ on the people of Tobago”

Minority Leader, THA, Watson Duke

Minority Leader of the Tobago House of Assembly Watson Duke says the People’s National Movement has hijacked democracy in Tobago and foisted a ‘child king’ in newly appointed Chief Secretary Ancil Dennis on the people of Tobago. He says while he has nothing personal against Ancil Dennis, the new Chief Secretary was not chosen by the people of Tobago and the process for his selection was flawed:

Ancil Dennis

Duke says he has taken legal action to defend the democracy of Tobago, saying the PNM has used their private internal election to choose someone to run Tobago:

Watson Duke also said the election of Tracey Davidson Celestine as political leader of the PNM’s Tobago council has nothing to do with the Tobago House of Assembly. Duke says a private organization in the PNM allows for that, but the THA is governed by an Act of Law that must be followed: