‘Water woes’ in Lopinot – villagers stage protest

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‘Water woes’ in Lopinot – villagers stage protest

Residents of Lopinot Village claim they have been without pipe-borne water for days and weeks on end and have thus have resorted to protesting about their frustration.

Villagers staged the protest on Saturday September just after 1pm on the same day a fun/sports family day was organised by their Member of Parliament.

Villagers who held posters highlighting their discomfort, said while their Member of Parliament Lopinot/Bon Air West, Marvin Gonzales created a ‘water treatment plant’, their water woes have gotten worst.

Villagers claim Mr. Gonzales is not in touch with his constituents and have left the issue to fester for too long.

Meanwhile Mr. Gonzales who is also the Minister of Public Utilities issued the following statement on the matter  –