WATCH: Woman Surgically Gets Worlds Fattest ‘VAGINA’


WATCH: Woman Surgically Gets Worlds Fattest ‘VAGINA’

Now, we’re sure you might say that you’ve seen it ALL but we at IzzSo can certainly confirm that you haven’t seen this!

A Canadian woman named Mary Magdalene, 24, has gone through in excess of twelve plastic surgeries in recent years with an end goal to change into a “plastic princess.”

The infamous IG model and alleged porn star, who professes to have doled out more than $105K on her dramatic body change, confesses to having a forehead lift, three nose occupations, cheek and lip fat exchanges, three boob occupations, 20 dental facade, a triplet of Brazilian butt lifts and various lip fillers.

Recently, Mary took it a step further with yet another questionable method surgery, this time, getting infusions that cause her female genitals to “swell up” profusely.

Here is a picture of what that controversial body procedure looks like now:

Here are a few pictures from her IG page before the surgery: