WATCH: Tom Hank’s Son Bleeds After Fight with Ex-Girlfriend


WATCH: Tom Hank’s Son Bleeds After Fight with Ex-Girlfriend

American Actor Tom Hank’s son, Chet Hanks and his ex Kiana Parker have cut off their friendship. However, while preceding out in a different direction they got into a brutal fight which was recorded by video proof.

There’s a video flowing that shows the finish of a fight among Chet and his ex, Kiana Parker, that took place on January 8th at Chet’s place in Sugarland, TX.

In the clip, Chet turns the camera on Kiana when she seems to attempt to hit him as she holds a pot. A bloodied Chet returns in the following casing, saying she came at him with the blade. Kiana rejects that claim.

Kiana additionally got a limiting request against Chet in January, asserting he got physical with her on numerous events between Oct. 2020 and Jan. 2021.

During one occurrence while in New Orleans for Chet to shoot “Your Honor,” Kiana claims he became infuriated when she said she planned to leave their room at the Windsor Court lodging to get food. As indicated by her story, Chet at that point started grabbing her wrists and arms and tossing her around to keep her in the room.

Chet denies the claims and says he never at any point realized she went to court for the request.

Kiana claims tables were pushed over and he tossed a container at her — she even says he pursued her down. She likewise claims he disclosed to her that nobody would trust her, since she was “only a ghetto Black bitch” and he was “Chet Hanks.”

Chet as of late documented a claim against Kiana over January’s ridiculous face episode.

He says it began when he severed things with Kiana, in the wake of her piling up a huge number of dollars on his Mastercards and taking his property.

Chet stated that Kiana appeared that day with three men, one of whom he says streaked a firearm at him. He’s suing her for threatening behavior, burglary and return of the cash she supposedly took from him.

Kiana says that on January 8, the day the video was taken, she appeared at Chet’s with movers to get her things

She says Chet was offending her, and he snatched a blade in a threatening manner. That is the point at which she says she snatched a pot in self-protection and swung it.

She asserts he pursued her out to the road, where she says he assaulted her not too far off in the open until others stepped in to help.

Kiana’s lawyer, D’Angelo Lowe, says that Kiana is at present under a specialist’s consideration and that she’s had a go at serving Chet, yet has been fruitless

Chet’s lawyer, Marty Singer, says “The day after Chet Hanks went up against Kiana Parker about taking cash from his Visa, while Ms. Parker was joined by an immense male conveying a firearm she violently assaulted Chet with a blade, which made him bountifully drain. It is all on record and the undisputed video recounts the entire story. Her cases are totally bogus, created and anecdotal.”

Possibly Chet ought to spend his ‘White Boy Summer’ in jail.