WATCH: Saweetie and Quavo Fight in an Elevator


WATCH: Saweetie and Quavo Fight in an Elevator

The drama between rapper Quavo and his girlfriend Saweetie just hit a new high with a new video being surfaced, showing Saweetie punching Quavo, after which he is seen pushing her down in an apparent attempt to restrain her.

TMZ acquired observation film of the battle, which went down at an apartment building in North Hollywood. It shows the two of them remaining external an open lift, and when the video begins Saweetie is swinging on Quavo.

Quavo evades the hit, dropping an orange Call of Duty case simultaneously … which Saweetie attempts to get. Quavo snatches it, and as they battle for the case, he pushes her to the floor of the lift and Quavo winds up with the case close by.

As Saweetie lay on the ground (perhaps harmed) he remained there without assisting her with increasing…in any event, gazing down at her a couple various occasions. In the end, the lift opens with a person standing apart there, however he doesn’t get on and the entryway closes once more.

At long last, the entryway opens on another floor and Quavo begins to get off with the case and Saweetie gets herself and limps off.

TMZ talked with sources on the two sides and sources say this episode went down in 2020 at an apartment complex where Saweetie was leasing.