WATCH: Huge FIGHT at Popeye’s Drive Thru


WATCH: Huge FIGHT at Popeye’s Drive Thru

A chicken sandwich turned into a “powerful armed robbery” and a wild brawl at Popey’s home in South Florida on Tuesday, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said.

Four American women inside of a Nissan Sentra were going through the drive-thru of a Popeye’s restaurant in Lantana, Fla. At some point, the women got into a verbal altercation with the cashier. The female passenger, who allegedly spat at the cash register and attacked her, and two other suspects began fighting the employees who tried to assist the cashier.

Before leaving, one of the suspects reached into the drive-thru window and snatched money from the cash register before they all took off in the vehicle.

It is alleged that one of the suspects entered the driver’s window and took the money out of the cash register. No arrests had been made in the incident, the Post reported.